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Mridakaari ~ Artisan Pottery

In a world full of the sterile, symmetric, cookie-cutter style of mass produced goods – Mridakaari – मृदा : Soil(Hindi) + कारी : Craftsmanship(Persian) is a knock and a whisper of the magic of handmade!

Meet The Maker

Hi I am SHIVANGI TRIPATHI, an Interior Designer and an Artist. While working as an Interior Designer at the budding Studio Node in Mumbai, I felt the need to cultivate my creative spirit outside of work and studied pottery under the renowned Mr. Vinod Dubey. Wanting to dive deeper into the world of ceramics, I later finished my advanced studies at the ‘Golden Bridge Pottery’ at Pondicherry. What started as an attempt to spark inspiration and unwind after a tedious day of work, turned into a passion , the friendship with clay now deeply rooted in my soul.

My love for pottery is an ode to the beauty and artistry of nature. For me working at the wheel is meditation, shaping the clay is like a prayer which nourishes my soul and simultaneously breathes life into my creations. Most of my pieces are one of a kind, as I love exploring different styles and techniques, it’s not just a thoughtless random shape of clay, but a feeling and a connection with a purpose. My aim is to make things which are aesthetically pleasing,versatile, evergreen and easily integrated into your home while giving both you and I a chance to explore and endorse sustainability and the appreciation of art and mastered-skill. Each piece is hand- crafted by me and my heartfelt hope is that each time you use or look at a Mridakaari piece, it sparks the same joy and warmth in your heart that I so passionately poured into it.


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